The International Polytechnic Summer School 2019: the Grand Opening Ceremony

16 July 2019 International activities 2037

On July 15, the International Polytechnic Summer School took start at SPbPU once again. This year it is dedicated to the 120th anniversary of our university and, as the rector of SPbPU academician of the RAS Andrei RUDSKOI noted in his welcoming speech, has many surprises prepared for the participants.

The International Polytechnic Summer School took start at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

“And you, without knowing that, have prepared a pleasant surprise for us,” Rector Rudskoi addressed the international students. “In 2019, about 1000 young people from more than 60 countries of the world have become students of the International Polytechnic Summer School! This means that once again the summer school of Polytechnic University has become the largest in Russia. This means that we are gaining more and more friends around the world. This means that the programs, educational modules, projects that we offer, meet the expectations of many students from different countries. I thank you for your trust, and I believe that we will definitely meet in the Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree  programs of Polytechnic University.”

The official opening ceremony of the International Polytechnic Summer School was held in the White Hall of SPbPU

The opening ceremony of the International Polytechnic Summer School was held in the White Hall of the Main Building of SPbPU. It would’ve been very difficult to find another venue for the event: more than 500 people gathered at the opening of the School. Traditionally, leading Russian and foreign experts addressed the students with congratulations and good wishes.

SPbPU Rector of SPbPU, Academician of the RAS A.I. RUDSKOI congratulated international students

Nikolay KATANAHA, Deputy Director for Quality Management and Control of Business Processes of PJSC Power Machines, stressed that success in school is success in tomorrow’s life, and wished the participants excellent results and interesting projects. Professor Eric CHARKALUK from École Polytechnique, one of the developers of the international educational module of the “Additive production and connecting technologies”, added that this year, the Polytechnic University Summer School impresses with its joint programs with foreign universities. “Instead of going to sea, you chose to study at summer school. It says a lot. I wish you to develop your intercultural communication skills in this friendly atmosphere, gain valuable communication experience and useful specialized knowledge,” professor CHARKALUK said.

Deputy Director for Quality Management and Control of Business Processes Nikolay Katanakha wished SPbPU foreign students success in their studies
Professor Eric Charkaluk from École Polytechnique noted that the International Polytechnic Summer School is impressive with joint programs with foreign universities

Another honorary guest, professor from the Japanese University of Advanced Studies SOKENDAI Naoki TAMURA spoke about the joint educational module of the International Polytechnic Summer School. Professor TAMURA is the developer of the “Physics of plasma and nuclear synthesis” module.

In his address to the students, he noted that in the modern world it is very important to expand the boundaries of international cooperation and create scientific collaborations that will lead the world to new results. “Here, in this intercultural environment, you will have a great opportunity to express yourself and develop the skills necessary for further success,” added the professor from the University of SOKENDAI. To the words of her foreign colleagues joined Kirsty ISHERWOOD, the Vice President of American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS), the largest recruitment and accreditation company in the United States, implementing around the world educational programs of different levels and different directions. This year, SPbPU and AIFS celebrate the 30th anniversary of cooperation. “I wish you to expand your horizons of perspectives and opportunities by participating in the International Polytechnic Summer School” said Ms. ISHERWOOD.

Professor of the Institute of SOKENDAI Naoki Tamura advised SPbPU foreign students to develop intercultural communication skills
Kirsty Isherwood, Vice President of the American Institute for Study Abroad, noted that in 2019 SPbPU and AIFS celebrate the 30th anniversary of the partnership

The participants of the School also joined the wishes of the experts: students of Tsinghua University (PRC) and Cambridge (United Kingdom) addressed the audience. The opening ceremony ended with a collective photo, which has every chance of becoming one of the largest in the history of the White Hall.

This year, the school will last until mid-September. Students have the opportunity to study in 35 programs in 10 different areas. SPbPU launched four educational modules together with foreign partners: École Polytechnique (France), SOKENDAI (Япония), Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany) and the National University of Distance Education (Spain).

About 500 Russian and foreign students attended the opening ceremony of the International Polytechnic Summer School.

Right after the event, students of the International Polytechnic Summer School went to lectures. Their schedule includes familiarization excursions to the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, Svetloe Radio Astronomy Observatory, the Institute of Electro Physics and Electric Power Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the leading Russian power machine-building holding CJSC REPH, the Electroapparat High-Voltage Equipment Plant, the Power Machines Company, the production engineering unit for the production of metalworking equipment JSC Baltic Industrial Company, the Hyundai Plant and other facilities. And, very soon, the rich program will take start with an amazing adventure along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg.

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