Polytechnic University at international educational fairs: the fall season

14 September 2022 International activities 69

In the fall a new series of international educational fairs in which Polytechnic university participated was launched. One of the first was the Virtual Interactive Exhibition of Russian Universities, aimed at audiences in the Indian subcontinent and Asia — India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Bangladesh and China. The exhibition was held online and more than 300 potential international applicants were given detailed advice from SPbPU international services on matters of admission and education.

SPbPU international office advise foreign applicants at international educational exhibitions

Autumn international educational fairs are important for those who start making plans for the next academic year in advance — high school students, students in their final years of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. In addition, at this time begins accepting applications for admission to the budget for foreign nationals under the direction of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia (on a quota), or through the international competition Open Doors: Russian Scholarship project. For foreign applicants it means an opportunity to study at Russian universities for free (at the expense of the Russian Federation budget) in the next academic year.

Please be reminded that the first selection round of the Open Doors competition will start on September 15, and the quota admission procedure will start at the beginning of October 2022. The official SPbPU section on the Olympiad website offers detailed study of the track choices in Russian and English. Two tracks are available for participants: master’s degree and postgraduate studies. Detailed information on admission of foreign nationals under the referrals of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education can be found in the corresponding section on the official website of SPbPU.

In the near future, representatives of international office and institutions will present the educational and scientific opportunities of SPbPU at the international exhibition «Russian Education», which will be held in Uzbekistan in full-time format. After that, international educational exhibitions are planned in Egypt, Tajikistan, Turkey, China and Morocco. Some of them will be held in person, others online.

Prepared by the SPbPU International Office

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