SPbPU develops cooperation with Nanjing Institute of New Materials Technology

19 January 2024 International activities 223

Representatives of the Engineering and Construction Institute and international services of SPbPU discussed the prospects of scientific and technical cooperation in the field of construction technologies with the management of one of the largest industrial parks of new materials in Jiangsu Province — Nanjing BO KE New Materials Technology Institute. The online seminar was held with the organizational support of SPbPU office in Nanjing.

Nanjing BO KE Nanjing Institute of Technology of New Materials Nanjing BO KE

Nanjing BO KE is a leading Chinese supplier of new building materials and holds the first position in the concrete admixtures market of the People’s Republic of China. The research units of the institute include National Key Laboratory of Building Materials, Jiangsu Functional Polyester Research Center, National Technology Center and other structures.

From the Polytechnic University side, the meeting was attended by Yuri Lazarev, Director of the Higher School of Industrial-Civil and Road Engineering, Sergey Antonov, Head of the Department of International Scientific and External Economic Relations, Artemiy Cherkashin, Deputy Director of the Vysota Scientific and Research Center of Civil Engineering Technologies, and Alexey Ismailov, Head of the Testing Laboratory. Alexey spoke about the university’s promising developments in the field of digital transformation in design and production in transportation construction. The technologies proposed by the polytechnics allow, for example, to increase the reliability of road pavement, reduce the risk of emergencies on roads with the help of artificial intelligence, reduce repair costs and increase the service life of asphalt concrete pavement.

Participants in the online meeting

Such benefits are attractive to the Chinese partner as well.

The Institute strives to be at the forefront of technological development in its field, and therefore pays great attention to cooperation with research organizations, said Nie Ziwei, Deputy Director General of Nanjing BO KE. SPbPU and Nanjing BO KE have interesting prospects for the joint development of state-of-the-art technologies for both Chinese and Russian markets.

Ni Ziwei emphasized that the industrial park is a large cluster that includes a number of research structures, commercial companies and startups, and invited the delegation of Polytechnic University to visit China to get acquainted and discuss cooperation with colleagues from relevant organizations of the park. Such a visit is planned for 2024.

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