SPbPU Held A Conference on Efficient Power Engineering

28 May 2015 Science and Innovation 359

A few days ago the two days’ international conference "Efficient Power Engineering-2015" which took place in SPbPU as part of the III Russian International Power Engineering Forum came to an end.

Representatives of higher school, regional government bodies, power engineering companies, production companies, businesses, research and non-governmental organizations participated in the Conference.

The participants discussed one of the important power engineering and economic problems of the country which has to be solved today. It is about the fact that the most important objective of the Russian economy set by the country government about decreasing the power intensity of GDP by 40% and material intensity of production sector by 2020 cannot be achieved without stable power support, without using modern methods and technologies of development of nonconventional sources of hydrocarbon raw materials, without increased use of waste as recycled material resources and without application of an industrial engineering and management paradigm at the enterprises of the national economy.

Conference on Efficient Power Engineering
Conference on Efficient Power Engineering

Discussion of these issues took place in a format of round tables and seminars. So, the round table "Green power engineering for urban environment" was dedicated to the issues of waste disposal, its recycling, energy saving, increase of power engineering efficiency and sustainability of urban environment, use of the regions’ experience in pilot projects concerning power engineering efficiency in housing services and utilities.

The participants of the round table "Efficient power engineering" discussed such important issues as feasibility studies of innovative power engineering projects, power engineering business models, power engineering markets, problems of accounting and control in power engineering management, automation of accounting, efficiency of regional energy saving programs and development trends of the regional fuel and energy complex.

Development of the Russian oil and gas complex and its impact on macroeconomic indicators of the country, together with the urgent issues of regulatory legislation of the RF relevant to implementation of projects on studying and development of NTRIZ were discussed at the round table "Modern methods and technologies, efficiency of modern methods and technologies in the field of studying and development of nonconventional sources of hydrocarbon raw materials ".

The round table "Development of small cogeneration in the conditions of electric power surplus" made the attendees think about the problems of cogeneration development in the Russian Federation and revealed the experience of foreign countries in cogeneration development. Environmental aspects of cogeneration systems were discussed too.

The conference participants, having heard and discussed the presented reports, believe that:

  • it is necessary to develop further the subjects of scientific research and practical development discussed at the international conference "Effective Power — 2015"; 
  • to continue developing international cooperation in the sphere of economy and management of power engineering, including in terms of the issues concerning development of hydrocarbon raw materials sources;
  • to pay more attention to the problem of housing services and utilities which is really acute in St. Petersburg;
  • to continue the practice of annual conferences "Effective Power Engineering" and to ensure that their collected reports are indexed in SCOPUS.

It is also necessary to expand and strengthen the connections between the researchers of the various divisions of SPbPU who work in the field of power engineering, which must soon result in a synergetic effect due to a more active exchange of opinions and ideas.

It should also be noted that a really positive and close interrelation between the Institute of Industrial Economics and Management and the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems has been established, which is a prerequisite of their productive joint activity in the field of power engineering and other areas.

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