Statement by the Russian Union of Rectors

4 March 2022 1269

Deeply esteemed colleagues!

For thirty years, the Russian Union of Rectors in accordance with its Charter preserves and develops the traditions of national education in the domestic and international scientific and educational space.

The events of recent days leave no one indifferent. President of Russia V.V. Putin has exhaustively explained the reasons for the difficult but forced decision to conduct a special military operation.

We are keenly aware of what is happening, but we are convinced that we must go through this period with dignity, following the principles of high academic culture and ethics. Throughout its centuries-long history, universities have undergone various trials, always maintaining their high humanistic ideals.

The present situation calls for the consolidation of the university community. The most important thing is to maintain the unity of the University community and its culture of trust, the high quality and accessibility of higher education, and the atmosphere of mutual assistance and understanding among students and professors.

We must support each other and those who need it most — our students. Particular attention should be paid to international students studying in Russia and to Russian students who have encountered unexpected difficulties in a number of foreign countries. Our country’s leading universities are ready to accept Russian students from abroad to study.

We have a clear action plan to help Russian universities steadfastly overcome all difficulties, including those related to the implementation of international projects, the development of scientific infrastructure, and the publication of articles in foreign scientific journals. We must be close to each other, feel each other’s shoulder, then we will overcome all difficulties.

Russian universities should not break their international ties, which have been formed over decades, convincing reliable partners of the need to continue working together to find answers to global challenges and in the name of preserving the world scientific heritage.

The Russian Union of Rectors expresses its confidence that the university corporation will ensure the continuity of educational and scientific processes and will do its best to achieve the national development goals of Russia!

Adopted on March 2 at an expanded meeting of the Council of the Russian Union of Rectors

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