Financial Management in International Companies

Financial Management in International Companies

Program name: Financial Management in International Companies

Partner University:  Jiangsu University, China

Double Degree Awards:

  • SPbPU diploma - MSc in Economics
  • Jiangsu University diploma - MSc in Economics

Mode of study: 2 days a week

Course duration:  2 years: 2 semesters at SPbPU + 2 semesters at a partner university

Language(s) of instruction: Chinese, Russian

Program outline: The program focuses on the different aspects of financial management in an international business environment. The students will learn how to analyze an organization’s financial performance and ensure good financial health.

General modules: International Corporate Finance, International Business, Research Methods in economics, Corporate Management.

Entry requirements: Bachelor's, Specialist's or Master's degree in a relevant area is required

Extra requirements (for a partner university): written exam, high-level knowledge of Chinese

Career opportunities: Our graduates will be able to work in international companies in financial departments with perspective possibilities to gain their managerial positions in the Russian-Chinese joint ventures. With the knowledge of business risk management finance and best financial strategies practices our students will have no difficulties in getting their jobs. There is also an option to proceed with studies for PhD.