International Economics

International Economics

Program name: International Economics: International Trading

Partner University: Shenyang Polytechnic University, China

Double Degree Awards:

  • SPbPU diploma - Bachelor of Economics
  • Shenyang Polytechnic University diploma - Bachelor of Management

Mode of study:  5 days a week

Course duration: 4 years: 4 semesters at SPbPU + 4 semesters at a partner university

Language(s) of instruction: Russian, Chinese

Program outline: This course is an introduction to the theory of international trade and finance with applications to current policy issues. The course covers basic tools to understand what determines the flow of goods across countries, i.e. international trade, and what determines the flow of savings and investments from one country to another.

General modules: Microeconomic, International Marketing, International Economics and Finance, Theory and Policy of International Trade.

Entry requirements: School certificate, written exam

Extra requirements (for a partner university): written exam, high-level knowledge of Chinese

Career opportunities: The knowledge of international trade and economic policy will help to position our students for a junior management or analyst roles within government and organizations involved with international trade and development. Besides, our graduates have an opportunity for continuing studies at Master’s level.