Information Center of SPbPU in Madrid


April 19, 2017 in Madrid, the capital of Spain, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University opened the Information Center. SPbPU became the first among the Russian universities to open its information platform on the territory of Spain.

SPbPU Information Center in Madrid (SPbPU IC) is an outpost of the Russian academic and research community at the key point of the Ibero-American space.

"We are interested in strengthening partnership in the field of education and research between Spain and Russia, and we are striving to mobilize the potential of higher education of both countries. We consider opening the Information Center of SPbPU in Madrid to be our major investment in the common future, "- commented SPbPU Rector Andrei Rudskoi.

The Information Center of SPbPU in Madrid serves as a platform for organizing direct partnership between SPbPU and representatives of industrial companies, scientific organizations and universities in Spain and the overall Ibero-American space. The Center's activities are aimed at providing full information about the university, educational programs and scientific achievements of SPbPU, up-to-date information about events and conferences and the participation of the Polytechnic University in international research and educational projects, as well as organizing and conducting international scientific, educational and cultural events.


The Information Center of SPbPU in Madrid is a cooperation coordinator of SPbPU with the Spanish universities. The Centre organizes partner events, round tables and seminars and facilitates the launch of joint educational programs and research projects.

SPbPU has a status of the largest technical university in Russia with its unique capabilities within the Russian partner network (Russian industry, small and medium business, research centers and educational organizations, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, national clusters, platforms and associations). Taking this into account the most important functional responsibility of the Center is to serve as a "window to Russia" for all Spanish companies and organizations.

"We chose Spain to establish our Information Center not accidentally. Spain and the countries of Ibero-America are one of the priority development regions for the Polytechnic University. We consider the activity of SPbPU Information Center to be a bridge, which enables us to have direct interaction with the big Spanish-speaking academic community. The opening of the Center will contribute to developing cooperation not only with universities and companies of Spain, but will also popularize the university in Latin and Central America, "- according to Dmitry Arseniev, SPbPU Vice-Rector for International Relations.

Main objectives of the Information Center of SPbPU in Madrid:

  • SPbPU promotion in the global education and research market, both in Spain and in the Ibero-American countries;
  • Organization of cooperation between SPbPU and universities, research centers and production companies in Spain;
  • Promotion of the Russian language and culture;
  • Contributing to SPbPU participation in educational fairs, exhibitions and other events;
  • Assistance to Spanish companies entering the Russian industrial market;
  • Inviting Spanish students to participate in SPbPU Master’s Degree and PhD programs as well as in summer and winter schools;
  • Invitation of leading scientists and professors from Spain and other countries to take part in invited professors program


SPbPU Information Center in Madrid operates with a background of an extensive partner network in Spain, Portugal and the Ibero-American community.

In accordance with the objectives set, the Center's activities are focused on providing access to information for all parties with mutual interests.

SPbPU Information Center provides all possible materials and information about SPbPU in Spanish. One can get assistance on any issue related to international cooperation in all these areas.

In cooperation with Spanish partner universities the Information Center of SPbPU conducts international cultural, educational and scientific events abroad and on the territory of SPbPU.

Key Events

2017 год:

April 19-21Days of SPbPU in Spain

April 19Opening of the Information Centre

July 3-5 – participation of professors of SPbPU Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in the International Conference on Numerical Methods in Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia;

July 3-7 – visit of the representatives of SPbPU Institute of Civil Engineering to the Polytechnic University of Catalonia;

July 17-21 июляSpanish Week, organized by 4 Universities Alliance, A4U within the frameworks Erasmus+;

July 17-21 – participation of representatives of SPbPU Higher School of International Educational Programs in the professional development program within the framework of the project Erasmus+;

November 17-24 – lectures by invited professors of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia within the frameworks of the educational program of SPbPU Institute of Civil Engineering;

November 27 – December 2 – a cultural and educational international event "Open Your Heart to Russia" Festival took place in Madrid and Cádiz. It was aimed at disseminating the Russian language and culture and developing joint educational programs.


January – lectures by invited professors of the Autonomous University of Barcelona at SPbPU Institute of Computer Science and Technology;

February 1-2 – visit of the Rector of the Technical University of Madrid in SPbPU; signing of the Agreement on Strategic Partnership;

March 14-16 – scientific and educational international event "Polytech: Science, Technology and Creativity" in Madrid in cooperation with UPM and the Carlos III University of Madrid;

April – lectures by invited professors of the Autonomous University of Barcelona at SPbPU;

May 14-20International Forum "International Polytechnic Week-2018" (focus on partnership with Ibero-America);

August, November – lectures by invited professors of the Autonomous University of Barcelona at SPbPU Institute of Computer Science and Technology and a return visit of the professors of the Institute of Computer Science and Technology to the Autonomous University of Barcelona;

September 17-21 - cultural and educational international event dedicated to the Spanish language and culture at SPbPU in cooperation with the University of Cadiz.