Representative Office Activities

1000+ international students at SPbPU are Chinese 35+ partner universities in China

Representative Office Activities
Representative Office Activities
  1. Information support and recruitment of the Chinese students to study on SPbPU Bachelor, Master degree, PhD programmes, international educational programmes and professional development programmes; 
  2. Russian language courses: for beginners, foundation programmes to study at Russian universities, Russian for professional communication etc.;
  3. Organizing internships at SPbPU for the employees of the leading Chinese companies;
  4. Development of internships programmes for the Russian specialists in Chinese industrial and financial companies in cooperation with the leading Chinese universities;
  5. Organization of internships for Master degree and PhD students from SPbPU at the Representative Office as well as at Chinese universities, industrial companies and organizations;
  6. Development of educational tours to St. Petersburg for Chinese school pupils
  7. Representation of the interests of leading Russian universities, research centres and organizations in China and other countries of the Asia-Pacific Region (Almazov National Medical Research Centre, MAI etc.)
  8. Conducting teleconferences, round tables, seminars, presentations and other events
  9. Development of the E-MBA programme in cooperation with Tsinghua University
  10. Participation in educational exhibitions of the Asia-Pacific region to promote SPbPU educational programs.
Representative Office Activities
Representative Office Activities

Research and Commercialization

  • Establishment of the International Research Center in coperation with the East China Normal University in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park on an area of 5000m2 with the financial support of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of the People's Republic of China in the following areas: electronic engineering; communication, computation and navigation; advanced functional materials; optoelectronics and information technology. 
  • Introduction of advanced manufacturing technologies in the Chinese market.
  • Signing contracts with automotive concerns on engineering work.
  • Organization of business seminars for Chinese corporations and foundations in order to present research developments of SPbPU.
  • Analysis of the needs of Chinese partners in innovative solutions and the involvement of research teams in research and engineering services.
  • Cooperation with the Shanghai Biotechnology Association and the Shanghai Satellite Navigation Industry Alliance.
  • Development and implementation of joint research and technological projects financed by state programmes and funds.
  • Implementation of projects to bring high-tech products to the market of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Development of samples of new medical equipment, development of new materials for the microelectronic industry, advanced production and information technologies, etc.
  • Participation in technological exhibitions of the PRC.
Representative Office Activitiesа
Representative Office Activities