Mission of the Representative Office

Representation and protection of the university’s interests in People’s Republic of China and other countries of Asia-Pacific Region, stimulation of international cooperation in education, research and development and the public sphere.

Mission of the Representative Office

Goal of the Representative Office

Competitive growth and profile raising of SPbPU as a leading research and educational center, innovative and entrepreneurial university of PRC and other countries of Asia-Pacific region.

Mission of the Representative Office

Objectives of the Representative Office

General objectives

  1. Promoting contacts and cooperation with Chinese and international scholars, experts, academic and research institutions, industrial enterprises and companies, governmental agencies and NGOs; 
  2. Providing international counterparts with up-to-date information regarding the University’s activities;
  3. Compiling and analyzing information regarding cooperation opportunities with international partners and disseminate it via the University communication channels;
  4. Promoting the University in this region as a place of innovation, creativity and international repute.
Mission of the Representative Office

Educational objectives:

  1. Promoting the University’s degree and training programs in China and the region;
  2. Designing and implementing marketing campaigns to attract talented students;
  3. Cooperating in degree programs development;
  4. Building international partnerships and networks with international partners in China and the region;
  5. Developing academic mobility programs.
Mission of the Representative Office

Scientific objectives

  1. Organizing a permanent scientific and technology exhibition of SPbPU in the Representative office, extending the capacities of technology transfer and commercialization of the results of intellectual activity;
  2. Preparation of joint applications for grant competitions together with academics from Chinese and other foreign universities;
  3. Involving the university’s laboratories in cooperation with projects initiated by partners from PRC and other countries in the region;
  4. Direct interaction with innovative Chinese and international companies, industrial enterprises, Ministry of Science and Technology of China;
  5. Managing the functional platform of the technology park “Polytechnic” in China based on the Representative Office.
Mission of the Representative Office
Mission of the Representative Office

More information about SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai is available herehttp://www.spbstuchina.com/