SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai News

A team of the Representative Office attended events in the framework of the “One Belt - One Way” project

In late November, the Representative Office people took part in negotiations on innovative cooperation and technology transfer in the framework of the “One Belt - One Way” project in Jiangsu. The event was attended by honored guests from Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Israel, South Korea and other countries participating in the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. Read more:

Negotiations with the Chinese Nari Group Corporation

In mid-November, Maxim POPOV, professor at the Institute of Energy at Polytechnic University, visited the SPbPU Representative Office. In Nanjing, he took part in a meeting of the Representative Office staff and colleagues from the State Chinese Nari Group Corporation. Read more:

Academician of the RAS Askar AKAYEV taught a course of lectures in China

In early November, Academician Askar AKAYEV visited the Representative Office of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. At the site of the Shanghai office, the scientist held a series of lectures, and took part in scientific discussions. Askar AKAYEV delivered such lectures as “Digital future”, “Chinese ‘One Belt, One Way’ mega-project”, “Digital Economy”. An open lecture of the academician took place at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Read more:

Chinese companies got acquainted with Polytechnic University at the Shanghai Office

On the site of the Representative Office, negotiations with employees of the Social Security Administration of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous District and other provincial companies took place. Read more:

Negotiations with the business Qixing Mingzhi consulting company

On October 29, employees of the representative office held talks with Yang QIBAO, Director General of Shanghai Qixing Mingzhi Business Consulting Company. Read more:

Master’s degree students from Xian will arrive at SPbPU next spring

In October, at the site of the Representative Office, a regular meeting of employees of the SPbPU Shanghai office and representatives of international services of Xi'an University of Technology (XUT) took place. Let us recall that last summer the universities opened the internship center “UT Xi'an-Polytech” at the basis of SPbPU. During its existence, more than 60 graduate students from XUT have already completed a semester-long internship at Polytechnic University. Read more:

Opportunities for creating Russian-Chinese summer schools

With the assistance of the SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai, at the end of October, negotiations were held in China between the leading expert of the Department of International Education Olga EMELYANOVA and the Russian language teacher of the Shanghai I&C foreign languages ​​school He Zhen. The parties discussed the possibility of creating summer and winter school courses for Chinese students at SPbPU. Read more:

Representatives of the Polytechnic University and Tsinghua University Discussed the Development of Joint Research Projects

In mid-October a representative delegation of Tsinghua University (China) visited the Polytechnic University. The visit was devoted to the discussion of the results and prospects of strategic partnership of universities in the framework of scientific and industrial projects. Tsinghua University was founded in 1911. It is one of the leading universities in China. It ranks first in the national ranking of universities in China, 17th in the QS World University Rankings and 22nd in Times Higher Education (as of 2018). During the first part of the meeting the current results of cooperation and prospects between Polytechnic University and Tsinghua University were discussed. Read more:

Promoting SPbPU programs through high and higher schools in China

Maxim KELLER, teacher of mathematics at the Higher School of International Educational Programs at SPbPU, held classes for students of the Shanghai Business and School of Foreign Languages ​​and Ziyang High School. A lecture on mathematics was attended by students of the faculty of business Russian. Read more:

The Research Institute of the Shanghai Academy of Sciences is interested in introducing the developments of the Polytechnics

A delegation of the Research Institute of the Shanghai Academy of Sciences, headed by the director Mr. Shi QIAN, paid an official visit to SPbPU. The research institute is engaged in solving global problems at the state level - in particular, it is framing a long-term development plan for the entire city of Shanghai. Read more: