Russian Studies (courses in Russian)

Would you like to learn more about Russia and improve your language skills at the same time? Join this program, and you will be able to take a number of courses in the field of Russian Studies and feel yourself a part of the Russian-speaking environment.

Russian studies
Russian studies
Russian studies

Language of instruction: Russian.

Possible duration: : from 1 month to 1 year.

Additional option: you can combine the courses in Russian Studies with Russian language training .

ECTS: you can earn up to 28 ECTS credits per semester.

Upon successful completion of the program you will get an internationally recognized Certificate proving your new competence and credits received.

List of courses

1. For the students with the levels A1 and higher of Russian languag proficiency

Study environment: you will join a group of international students.

COURSES Session 1
(November-mid May)
Session 2
(February – mid June)
ECTS credits per session
History of Russia + + 6
Geography of Russia + + 6
Russian Literature + + 6
Russian Civilization + (taught only in November - mid December*)

+ (taught only in April-mid May*) 3

* The course is taught only for the groups of five or more students.

2. For the students with levels B2 and higher of Russian language proficiency

Study environment: you will join a group of Russian students

COURSES Session 1
(September-mid December)
Session 2
(February – end of May)
ECTS credits per session
History of Russia + + 3
Philosophy + + 2
Social Science + + 3
Economics + + 3
Cultural Studies - + 3
Intercultural Communications - + 3

Accommodation is offered in well-equipped, safe and conveniently located dormitories on the university campus. The terms should be discussed with the Program Director.

Application procedure: Application package includes:

  • The application form (can be requested via e-mail from the Program Director)
  • A scanned copy of the international passport 
  • A face photo 3*4 cm in jpeg format
Russian studies


Program director:
Department of Short-term Programs in Russian language & Russian Studies