Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Are you curious about starting a career as an entrepreneur in the innovative technology sphere?

Seeing that a great number of new technologies is emerging and our environment is constantly changing, leading to uncertainty, there is a huge need for people with entrepreneurial skills who can find an answer to these challenges. Companies are looking for employees who are able to generate new ideas, are ready to learn fast and to adapt easily to rapid changes.

The program is aimed at training specialists with competences in the sphere of "Technology Entrepreneurship and advanced technology". It aims to develop skills that can be applied for the creation and development of scientific business.

The program consists of two main tracks: Entrepreneurship (tech) and Intrapreneurship. It offers a unique opportunity to turn students` technology business ideas into successful start-ups (Tech entrepreneurship) or to develop leaders and professionals inside the innovative ventures (Intrapreneurship and digital transformation).

Who you will become: Tech Entrepreneur. Innovation project managers. Developers of internal entrepreneurship support systems. Leaders of digital transformation. The researchers of the processes of entrepreneurship (tech).

Area of study: “Launching and managing knowledge-intensive production”

Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship


Individual approach to each student

Individual approach to each student

Modern teaching formats: round tables, business simulations, coaching, etc.

Expert support instead of classical teaching.

Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Project learning

During the study students work on their own startup or consulting or a research project, including on the basis of the Russian-German Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship "Polytech Strascheg".

Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Foreign Internship

Exchange semester with foreign university partners: Germany, Finland, France, Turkey, etc.

Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Cross-cultural environment

Study with international students. Classes and intensives are conducted by leading Russian and foreign teachers, trainers, business angels and venture investors.

Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Individual learning trajectories

Educational tracks "Technological Entrepreneurship" (startup graduation theses) and "Intrapreneurship and digital transformation" (consulting and research graduation theses).

About the program

Admission procedure

Step 1. You apply for the programme

Step 2. You are invited to an interview where you will be asked questions about your background and motivation

Step 3. You take part in a written online examination on the topic of economics of enterprise

Step 4. We will be glad to have all your questions on

Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Why Technology leadership and entrepreneurship program?

  • Teaching is done in the format of University 4.0, which includes the opportunity to defend your startup as your master thesis.
  • Possibility to choose the most suitable educational track for you:
    • Track №1 - Entrepreneurship (tech).
    • Track №2 - Intrapreneurship (digital transformation).
  • Start-up accelerator for students who will select the first track. Moreover, we provide mentors for students who want to make their own start-up.
  • Possibilities to do an internship in Russian leading technological companies: CML, BIOCAD, AGC and others.
  • REAL PROJECTS: unique opportunity to start and develop your own business or to take part in the real industrial project.
  • Leading Russian and international professors, coaches, business angels and guest lecturers will help students to build entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial careers.
  • Experienced coaches and mentors will help and challenge you on the way to make a successful career.
  • Wide range of opportunities for international mobility (a semester abroad in Germany, Finland and other countries).
  • The program has an Expert Council, which includes leading experts in innovative and industrial business.
  • This program takes place in St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful university towns and a high-tech hotspot in Russia. Students will live and study in the designated cultural capital of Russia.


Our graduates have become

  • Head of the Pilot Implementation Department in Russian manufacturing company "Kirovskyi zavod".
  • Head of the Innovation Directorate and Digital Marketing Department in one of the largest Russian IT companies "KORUS Consulting".
  • Founder of the project "Leela game".

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